Multifunctional Soft Cleaning Slime Home Goods
Multifunctional Soft Cleaning Slime Home Goods
Multifunctional Soft Cleaning Slime Home Goods

Multifunctional Soft Cleaning Slime

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Product Details
Product Details


The all-new assortment of products with the soft cleaning slime on top are destined to sell fast (so take a look now).


✅ This clean adhesive is soft and easy to use.
✅ Picks up dust and dirt from computer keyboards, mobile phones and printers.
✅ Does not leave residues, keeps your hands clean, has a proven disinfecting action.
✅ Catches dirt and kills over 80% of germs.
✅ Environmental friendly, 95% biodegradable.
✅ Can be used for many times until the cleaning compound turns into dark color.

Just take a look at these exceptional features of our magic cleaning glue! Most certainly, you’ll be astonished by its high quality and practical design.


Does this product give off any smell that could put me off?
No reason for hesitating, because we don’t use any materials which can give off an unpleasant smell when manufacturing our soft cleaning slime.

I got a question about the quality of your magic cleaning glue? Can I be sure it won’t fall apart in my hands, hurt me or something?
To create the soft cleaning slime, we’re specifically using only the materials of top quality. So toxic and dangerous materials are out of question.

Why does it only cost US $21.00 if it’s so good?
We’ve managed to considerably cut down our stock-related expenses. That’s why we can charge lower prices.

How much does it cost?
You can order this item for US $21.00.

Will it be wise to order it?
The first impression is usually the right one. So if you feel you want it, go ahead and place an order!

What do other buyers say about your magic cleaning glue?
All our customers who left a review speak highly of this product and its value for money. Furthermore, it has brilliant design.


Do I have to use my residence address? Or can I get my order sent to a different one?
We will send the product to any address you want, so you are free to indicate any location you want.

I’m worried if all the packages will arrive at the same time if I order several units of the same magic cleaning glue?
In case you order several units at once, all the packages will arrive at the same time, so you shouldn’t worry.

What payment method is it better to choose if I want to receive my order as soon as possible?
The order delivery time does not depend on the payment method you use to pay for the purchase. In other words, it doesn’t matter how you pay.

How can I get in touch with you to learn more?
If you have any questions, feel free to use the contact channels listed at the bottom of the page to ask for our support.

Can I go out and buy the magic cleaning glue in a mall or supermarket?
If you find the same soft cleaning slime offline, you will be dealing with a reseller. That’s why you will need to pay a higher price for this.

The products look interesting, but is your store trustworthy?
We are proud to have a reputation of a trustworthy online store that meets and exceeds the buyers’ expectations. You can check it out yourself, too – for example, take a look at the feedback left by our customers at different product pages!


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